Posted on 25-06-2012
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this collage from Megan Witmarsh

my new Usb ventilator at work

this summery new cover of Quest Magazine, photographed by Andrea D’Aquino

the new summer collection from

marshmallows for breakfast :heart:

embellished collars – via Pinterest and Moschino Resort

this growing glass via Lolitas

this beautiful soap packaging from

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Posted on 17-01-2012
things that made my day…
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these lovely present we got: Liberty rabbit baby shoes :heart:

the polaroids from Max Wanger


this very promising movie :heart:

the new Mulberry campaign by Tim Walker


the summer 2012 collection from Carven

some chocolate cupcakes I made :heart:

cute wedding cake toppers from thesmallobject


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Posted on 06-01-2012
the reason for my absence…
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…is the owner of these tiny feet. Ava was born the 27th of December and has incredibly long eyelashes, lots of hair and smiles while she’s dreaming. I am in love :heart:

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Posted on 30-11-2011
Cinnamon heart cookies
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Barcelona is full of Xmas decorations these days, but with 19ºC and blue skies I fell like I overslept the winter.
To get into Xmas mood I made some cinnamon cookies based on a traditional german cinnamon star cookie recipe.
Hope you like my smiley heart interpretation :heart:

Cinnamon heart cookies


*100g ground hazelnut
*2 egg whites
*a pinch of salt
*1/2 teaspoon lemon juice
*125g white sugar
*1 sachet vanilla bourbon sugar
*2 teaspoons of cinnamon
*125g ground almond

*some powdered sugar for the cookie cutter


Beat the egg ,salt and lemon juice until stiff, then add the white sugar slowly and beat well.
Remove 3 tablespoons of the egg white mix and set aside.

Add vanilla bourbon sugar, cinnamon, hazelnuts and almonds to the batter and stir until evenly mixed.
Cover and set aside, letting the mixture rest for 2 hours in a cool place.

After 2 hours place the dough in between 2 sheets of baking paper, to roll out. ( the dough is very sticky and believe me you want to avoid the mess). Roll out to approx.2cm thickness.
Preheat the oven @150ºC
Then make the cut-outs using your favourite cookie cutter, dipped in powdered sugar.
Place on a baking tray lined with baking paper. Take the remaining egg white and add some drops of water.
Spread some egg white on each cookie ( I recommend using your fingers – it works best)
Bake the cookies in the lower part of the oven for 15-17mins and let cool before enjoying :heart:


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Posted on 22-11-2011
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these Milk bags from Olympia Le Tan

the children’s book illustrations from Kirstie Edmunds

my new Karl Lagerfeld glittery snow globe

inspiring colour combinations  – here

these animal ornaments – here

kitschy portrait paintings like this one – here

baking a cheesecake

waiting for this Eames documentary to be released

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Posted on 15-11-2011
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… are two things I can’t get enough of. I made these mini Baileys cupcakes for a friend’s party – hope you like them :heart:


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Posted on 31-10-2011
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I love creating personal birthday cakes, especially when I receive a lot of information about the lucky birthday person. Cecilia loves cinema, photography, fashion, cats, traveling and cakes as much as I do and has the most colourful blog. I made her a happy green tea and raspberry cake with white chocolate cream. Hope you like the result :heart:


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Posted on 30-08-2011
a very personal birthday cake
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my favourite cake so far! A very personal coconut and raspberry with white chocolate birthday cake for my lovely friend and talented illustrator Vero :heart:

Hope you like it!

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Posted on 11-08-2011
Après Ski
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Can I be more in love with the new collection from Après Ski and the beautiful, delicate new lookbook, photographed by David Urbano…?
Have a look at the shop – free shipping until the 15th of August!

Have a happy summer holiday :heart:

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Posted on 04-04-2011
in the mood for cakes and spring…
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A lot of exciting things going on these sunny days: new fashion photoshootings, giving cupcake decoration classes, doing trend moodboards and photographing recipes for a sweet little magazine… I am superbusy but couldn’t be happier.
I leave you with this birthday cake I was asked to do for a lovely girl’s mother and hope you are enjoying these first spring days as much as I do :heart:

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