Posted on 14-06-2011
things that made my day…
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some wedding cupcakes I made :heart:

a lovely new collection from Brooklyn based revisited

this inspiring movie via this lovely blog

finding a beautiful sideboard in a thrift shop :heart:

the illustrations of Sara Soderholm

jollygoo – a beautiful blog (and zine) about life in Tokyo :heart
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Posted on 14-03-2011
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I am deeply shocked and saddened about the terrible tragedy in Japan. I was very lucky that I could leave Tokyo some days before the earthquake – my thoughts are with the people who unfortunately couldn’t. Here are some examples of  initiatives to express your compassion for the people in Japan. here and here and here :heart:

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Posted on 07-03-2011
Tokyo souvenirs 2
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with a big smile on my face and a suitcase full of little “kawaii” inspirations, new clothes, “sakura” cherry blossom sweets and tons of japanese books and magazines, I am back in Barcelona after a week of craziness in Tokyo. There’s no better place in the world the get inspired :heart:

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Posted on 26-08-2010
I love Hello Sandwich
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Ebony is an australian artist and graphic designer living in Tokyo, who has – among tons of interesting projects – the most adorable blog – Hello sandwich . Beeing a big Tokyo fan I can’t get enough of this inspring mix of photography, art and insights of Ebony’s live in Shimokitazawa, her lovely neighbourhood. If you plan to visit Tokyo, don’t miss to buy Ebony’s Hello Sandwich Tokyo Guide Zine. I’m officially addicted :heart:

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Posted on 07-08-2010
Tokyo souvenirs
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I still couldn’t find the time to edit my pictures from my last Tokyo trip. In the meanwhile here goes a little preview of  the lovely little goodies I filled my suitcase with. Have an amazing weekend :heart:

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Posted on 07-07-2010
the lost in translation owl
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Finally Louise is mine – after years and years of searching I found the adorable plush owl Bob gives Charlotte in Lost in Translation.
I couldn’t be happier :heart:

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Posted on 12-07-2009
I love Tokyo – Part2
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While I am testing some new green tea cakes with the Matcha tea I bought in Tokyo here are some more pictures from my trip. I still haven’t adapted entirely back in Barcelona, I wish I could take some days off to rediscover the beautiful city I am living in :heart:

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Posted on 09-07-2009
I love Tokyo – Part1
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I am back from my Asia trip – exhausted but happy:) Have a look at the pictures, they say more than 1000 words. I :heart: Tokyo!

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Posted on 29-11-2008
Tokyo impressions – second part
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I am back home from my Asia trip, feeling exhausted from too many incredible impressions and wondering why people here are so rude in comparison to Japan:( However can’t wait to make cookies with my new bunny cookie cutters from Tokyo… Here are some more impressions of the city of my dreams :heart:

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Posted on 25-11-2008
Tokyo impressions
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I am in wonderland…! Here are the first pictures from Tokyo – you see the comments if you click through the pictures. I :heart: Tokyo

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